Driving Adventures


Good evening everyone! I hope that you all enjoyed your weekend. I just got back from a fun and relaxing weekend at my parents place in Wasaga. If you have been following along with my blog, you will probably know that I recently purchased a used car and have been gearing myself up for larger adventures. If you know me personally, you will know that I haven’t driven too much in my life, as I got accustomed to taking the bus. Although the bus and I had our moments, it was time to part ways and move on to bigger and better things. 3 months later I find myself driving up, by myself to Wasaga beach! During my travels I noted some key points and tips for myself, or fellow adventure seekers when they embark on their next journey. Continue reading


Life is All About Marketing Decisions


Everyday we are surrounded by decisions. What to wear, where to drive, what work needs to be done, or what’s the best thing to say in a difficult situation. What’s the better option? I have thought about this a lot this weekend as I am looking to move out of my high rise apartment and back into a basement apartment to save more money. You always hear that phrase ‘life is about making decisions’, well what if it’s also about marketing decisions?

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Long Weekend Checklist

Hi there fellow bloggers! I know it’s been awhile since I made my last post, but I’ve been quite busy. Having just gotten over a week long illness that required me to have IV antibiotics (intense I know- not exactly the best feeling, but also so glad it didn’t progress further). I am back to my normal self and am determined to stay on top of my health. That being said, as my health is in better shape and the long weekend is finally here I thought I’d take some time to provide you with my version of a Canada Day Long Weekend Checklist to keep in mind. Here we go!

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Reasons Why the Sun is Good For You


While I was on one of my many nature walks earlier today I took a look around and saw trees blowing in the breeze, families riding on their bikes and walking their dogs and water trickling by the lake beside me and like many of us I breathed a sigh of relief..yes Summer is finally here. But, then I thought, well why must we wait for summer, or nice weather for that matter, to go on a walk and enjoy our surroundings. Also, as long as you’re careful (wearing sunscreen, sunglasses, or hats, etc) the sun can be a great thing for our mind and body.

I recently looked up an article on 15 reasons why the sun is good for you and came across some interesting statements. Aside from boosting levels of serotonin (The body’s natural happy hormone) and improving our overall mood, the sun can actually do the following Continue reading

What I Learned This Week


To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to write about today, so I spent a bit of time thinking to myself what inspiring, funny, or creative piece of knowledge can I share with you? There are some unique marketing campaigns happening such as what Tourism Calgary promoted in Toronto last weekend to entice Torontonians to visit the city, or the ongoing Ontario Election Debate…but I wanted to try something a bit different…

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Reaching Consumers in a Prioritized Economy


Being in marketing and very much involved (and thinking) about money and the future I thought I would give my opinion on a trend that never seems to disappear- consumers plan to cut spending.

In a recent, article 72% of Canadians are concerned about the cost of living ranking retirement, taxes, and housing costs higher than health concerns! To me this doesn’t come as a shock, as a recent car owner and sole renter of a moderately priced apartment I would have to agree. The cost of living can really add up! The scary thing is we are the people that fuel the economy. Ontario is in debt, but in order to recovery every consumer must prioritize and way out what they want versus what they can reasonably afford. However, what if what they can reasonably afford doesn’t cover the basic necessities? What if this creates a standstill in our economy as it continue to decline? This can be a long standing debate from a business/economic stand point, so I’ll leave that to the professionals and tap into what it means as a marketer. Continue reading

My Love-Hate Relationship with Wedding Shows


I’ve been watching a lot of 4 Weddings this past week on Netflix and have become so fascinated with it. Picture 4 new brides invited to each others wedding where they eat, drink and critique the overall experience in order to win a dream honeymoon. (basically what little, otherwise unnoticed, things can we say we dislike just to have better odds of winning).

As I’m watching this show I instantly find myself rating the first brides dress, or wondering what she was thinking picking this venue or spending so much on tacky decorations. Then I think to myself, how cool is this you are on TV, you get to go to 3 other weddings for people you only just met and you have a chance of winning a honeymoon?! Here comes the pencil and paper as I write down every decoration, style of dress or venue I liked for my own random enjoyment.

Don’t get me wrong it’s reality TV working wonders on me, hence why I have a love-hate relationship for it. Does it change me as a person? Probably not. Does it provide me with good entertainment and a different perspective on weddings? Maybe.

I think anything you do, say or think in life can teach you something or provide you with an alternate perspective. In this case, a wedding show can teach me: Continue reading