What Fuels Influence: The Connection Between Marketing & You


Have you ever wondered why you consistently see the same banner ad follow you on every website you visit? Do you know why that is? Do you ever wonder why certain television commercials air during certain shows? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you may be more aware of marketing than you thought.

This is how my passion for advertising started.

For years I wanted to be a teacher- I enjoyed the thought of reading to a class of young children and writing math problems on the board. Continue reading


Would You Like a Banner Ad With That?


Being in marketing, I am constantly thinking about how to effectively get a message across to a particular audience. I go through the process of looking at client budget, goals and objectives, determining a USP (unique selling point) and make a plan that involves media, timing and words that make sense. However, what I always try to do is put myself in the mind of the consumer. I know it has been said before, but you truly have to do your research and put yourself in their shoes. Let me explain.  Continue reading

Reaching Consumers in a Prioritized Economy


Being in marketing and very much involved (and thinking) about money and the future I thought I would give my opinion on a trend that never seems to disappear- consumers plan to cut spending.

In a recent, article 72% of Canadians are concerned about the cost of living ranking retirement, taxes, and housing costs higher than health concerns! To me this doesn’t come as a shock, as a recent car owner and sole renter of a moderately priced apartment I would have to agree. The cost of living can really add up! The scary thing is we are the people that fuel the economy. Ontario is in debt, but in order to recovery every consumer must prioritize and way out what they want versus what they can reasonably afford. However, what if what they can reasonably afford doesn’t cover the basic necessities? What if this creates a standstill in our economy as it continue to decline? This can be a long standing debate from a business/economic stand point, so I’ll leave that to the professionals and tap into what it means as a marketer. Continue reading

The Ever Changing World of Marketing


I’m really fascinated with the marketing industry so I recently started reading Can’t Buy Me Like: How Authentic Customer Connections Drive Superior Results By Bob Garfield and Doug Levy, which discuses the shift from companies simply advertising a product to building a relationship with the product and consumer (The Relationship Era). Not only is this book interesting and relevant, it’s pretty funny too (Notice how the title is both a play on of the saying can’t buy me love with the ever so popular ‘like’ button by Facebook..get it. HA).

It’s interesting to see just how much the digital and social world has taken marketing out of the hands of the company and into the consumers’. Continue reading

You Know You’re in Advertising When (Original)


For those of you who have read my second addition of my ‘You Know You’re In Advertising When.’ I wanted to share with you the original. This one is more focused to a school environment, but it’s a good idea to post both to show you the difference. So, for your reading pleasure…enjoy.

You Know you’re in Advertising When.. Continue reading

Yoga & Marketing: Making a Change


This morning I spent some time catching up on marketing news while drinking a cup of tea and I stumbled across an article on Lole’s White Tour event. Being a fan of Yoga and a marketing professional, I immediately wanted to read more.

Lole, an activewear brand based out of Montreal, paired up with some of the top museums around the world to demonstrate the true meaning of relationship marketing during the White Tour Event. This event brings together over 10,000 yoga lovers to museums in Barcelona, Montreal, New York, Toronto and Edmonton. Here, however,is where the typical brand messaging stops. Continue reading

You Know You’re in Advertising When…


I wrote my version of ‘You Know You’re in Advertising When” when I was finishing up my last year of college. Since I have been working in the industry, I wanted to put a spin on it and add a few different things.Advertising

You Know you’re in Advertising When:: 2.0

1) “ooh” is not just an expression, but stands for Out of Home.

2)   A gate– an opening in a fence- but relates to the measurement of lines for newspapers.

3)   If cell referencing and paste special excites you. Bonus: If you know and like to use pivot tables.

4)  You’ve become so accustomed to email communication between clients, sales, third party suppliers that you will send an email to a coworker to ask what’s for lunch. Continue reading