3 Ways To Bring Positive Thought To Your Day


Everyone tells us to think of the positive, to not worry so much, although this is all good advice it can be very complicated- you are stuck in traffic which makes you late for work, you spill coffee all over your best outfit right before a meeting, you’re stressing out about your friends wedding and your mom just told you some bad news…Great, now what? You come home and your negativity becomes infectious, your spouse has great news to tell you but you can’t seem to muster up a smile and give them your full attention. Everyone falls victim to this kind of day, but how do you get out of it? How do you capture the good things in a day and how do you share in the great attitude of others? Here are 3 ways to bring positive thought to your day: Continue reading


Reasons Why the Sun is Good For You


While I was on one of my many nature walks earlier today I took a look around and saw trees blowing in the breeze, families riding on their bikes and walking their dogs and water trickling by the lake beside me and like many of us I breathed a sigh of relief..yes Summer is finally here. But, then I thought, well why must we wait for summer, or nice weather for that matter, to go on a walk and enjoy our surroundings. Also, as long as you’re careful (wearing sunscreen, sunglasses, or hats, etc) the sun can be a great thing for our mind and body.

I recently looked up an article on 15 reasons why the sun is good for you and came across some interesting statements. Aside from boosting levels of serotonin (The body’s natural happy hormone) and improving our overall mood, the sun can actually do the following Continue reading

Easter Fun




When I think of Easter I think of family,spring, chocolate, eggs and chocolate…did I mention chocolate? But, it also reminds me of something fun that you can do either with your family or friends and that’s egg decorating! Two companies (Egg Farmers of Canada and Crocs at the Toronto Zoo) have come up with a new concept that will change the way families think of Easter festivities. Continue reading

Yoga Conference & Show 2014


Good morning and start to the week! In one of my previous blogs I had mentioned the yoga conference and show happening in Toronto the last weekend of March. Well, being a fan of yoga and festivities such as this, I attended the event on Saturday and I was quite happy with it!

As soon as you walk in you are greeted with like-minded individuals who, like myself, enjoy doing yoga. There were Thai massage experts on the floor, people on yoga mats and what seemed like hundreds of vendors selling yoga gear, organic food, essential oils/lotions and tea. It was interesting to see what type of products are meant to awaken you and contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Continue reading

Yoga & Marketing: Making a Change


This morning I spent some time catching up on marketing news while drinking a cup of tea and I stumbled across an article on Lole’s White Tour event. Being a fan of Yoga and a marketing professional, I immediately wanted to read more.

Lole, an activewear brand based out of Montreal, paired up with some of the top museums around the world to demonstrate the true meaning of relationship marketing during the White Tour Event. This event brings together over 10,000 yoga lovers to museums in Barcelona, Montreal, New York, Toronto and Edmonton. Here, however,is where the typical brand messaging stops. Continue reading

you go to yoga?


yogaThere’s lots of fun things you can schedule into your life that motivates you for the week, or gives you something to look forward to. To some this can be catching up on the latest reality scandal (I am referring to the most recent reality TV fiasco  on this seasons The Bachelor with Juan Pablo, but really..it’s okay), or to others this can be spending time with family and friends. However, what about something that will rejuvenate you and allow you to focus on the present moment? What about Yoga? Continue reading