Who Am I


Who am I?

To make this easier for you, I will make a list instead of writing out a long boring paragraph. People like lists. People like bullet points. So, that being said, I hope you can appreciate the following.

I am…

  • Passionate about advertising and marketing and went to school to pursue a career in advertising- moving away from my decision to become an interior designer
  • Lover of yoga and everything about it
  • Foodie– If you get me talking about different types of food; Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Afghan..I love it all and I will remind you each day
  • Walker and waterfall seeker– there are so many beautiful things in this world we have yet to discover that could be in our own backyard; waterfalls being one of them.
  • Crime, documentaries and psychological thrillers– love to watch movies and read about interesting or scary circumstances
  • Comedies, reality TV, horror movies– Friends, Bachelor and Scream. who doesn’t love some variety?
  • Cute small things– dogs, crepe shops, coffee shops, bistros, you name it..things that are cute, unique or small I will adore

Well, I hope you enjoyed these fun facts and hints to what I will be writing about.

Have a good day.


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