A 20 Something’s Quest for Substance


Hi folks ! I know that it has been quite a while since I wrote out to you , but I have been busy . Rest assured I am back , you’re probably wondering what marketing related or thought provoking idea do I have to share with you ? Well, although not related to marketing , I have been thinking how do I create substance in my life ?
Recently , I have volunteered for another local Cancer walk, as well as the cibc Breast cancer run for the cure. After volunteering my services I discovered my passion to do something meaningful outside of my current work – life structure . We all do it , we fall into the same Monday to Friday schedule too tired or busy to branch away from the norm .

but what if that branch led to a discovery of happiness

that gives you more motivation in the day ? For me, I would love to join a volunteer committee, for either a cancer organization or a local park . When you break away from fear and the norm you discover raw undeniable passion and substance in your life .

So tell me , what brings you substance in your life ?


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