What Fuels Influence: The Connection Between Marketing & You


Have you ever wondered why you consistently see the same banner ad follow you on every website you visit? Do you know why that is? Do you ever wonder why certain television commercials air during certain shows? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you may be more aware of marketing than you thought.

This is how my passion for advertising started.

For years I wanted to be a teacher- I enjoyed the thought of reading to a class of young children and writing math problems on the board. I was stuck on this career until I took an interest in interior designing/decorating- or so I thought. I loved watched HGTV shows- did you know an accent wall can spice up a room? Yes, I thought I found my calling until I took an auto cad course in high school and discovered it wasn’t entirely what I thought it was. Now, I always had an interest for photography and media and just why on earth that grocery store commercial appeared on the weekend, or why the home improvement ad was on HGTV. This is what began my interest in Advertising. Originally interested in being the one who came up with the ads (a copy writer), I soon gravitated towards media and marketing and understanding the connection between consumer and the product.

Hey, in a way I have combined all of my interests in this career- I am educating you on marketing, and I can be creative with my job like interior decorating provides- what do ya know?

Advertising & Marketing is always evolving.

Over the course of my 3 years of schooling and 2+ years working I have seen advertising and marketing evolve. Consumer insights is huge. Digital and mobile advertising is a must and understanding what influences the consumer is key. Truthfully, there is a lot of repetition and several upon several analytic tools and automation aps available for marketers like me. It’s what you do with these tools and how you connect with your clients’ objectives & the marketing goal(s) that will make or break you. You have to be creative, strategic and analytic. 

Think Outside The Box, Strategic Like in Monopoly & Think From All Angles- To Fully Understand Advertising Influence

What fuels influence? Test, analyze and do your research. Compare current trends of your target market to the products or service you are selling. Test your theories and analyze the results. Those that are more likely to be influenced by what you sell/market will grab on to your pitch like a fish on a hook (just not this graphically) and will continually to hold on and place trust in you as a brand/service.

So, what’s with those back pain relief ads?

They always get you don’t they? Marketing at its finest. I am sure you see these ads during the day, or in the late evenings, or even on TV stations your grandparents watch. Yup- there was a strategy behind that, isn’t that neat?

Now click on that ad to your left already, I am sure you have already thought about their service.



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