3 Ways To Bring Positive Thought To Your Day


Everyone tells us to think of the positive, to not worry so much, although this is all good advice it can be very complicated- you are stuck in traffic which makes you late for work, you spill coffee all over your best outfit right before a meeting, you’re stressing out about your friends wedding and your mom just told you some bad news…Great, now what? You come home and your negativity becomes infectious, your spouse has great news to tell you but you can’t seem to muster up a smile and give them your full attention. Everyone falls victim to this kind of day, but how do you get out of it? How do you capture the good things in a day and how do you share in the great attitude of others? Here are 3 ways to bring positive thought to your day:

Wake up and take a look at your surroundings as slowly and intently as possible. 

If you rush your morning looking at your phone for email or news, feeding your pet, jumping in the shower, or whatever else your morning routine entails you’re often focusing on the next thing you have to do and completely bi-passing the now. Wake up. Breath. Look around you. Look at the way the pillow is intended from your slumber, open the windows to check the weather and have a class of water. By starting your day in an aware and calming state this will set the stage for an all-around- positive day.


During the day when your mind starts to race, or you are feeling pretty sluggish get away from your routine for 10 minutes. 

Get up from your desk and away from your computer and go grab a tea or coffee- take a step outside and take 3 deep breaths counting 3 seconds each time. By taking 10 minutes away from your job, or your current routine you are creating an inner peace and awareness that will carry into your day. Sometimes it’s hard to break away from what you are doing, I get it I am known to do the same,I’ll stare at the computer screen working on an assignment until someone comes to my desk- I look away and my eyes start to water. But think about it? Can you really spend all 7-8 hours of your day doing the same thing? Take a mental break your mind, and people around you, will thank you.

At the end of the day list off 1 bad thing that happened in the day, followed by 3 good things.

Use this to start conversation. Take note of the crap that happened in the day, but pair it with 3 amazing things, no matter how big or small, bring this up during dinner, or right before bed with your spouse, friend, roommate, family member, or even for your own clarity. I bet you didn’t realize all the great things that has happened to you in less than 24 hours. At the end of the week, pull out these papers and take a look at the week you just had and smile about the present.



My inspiration for this post came from a book I am reading called Three Good Things by Wendy Francis- a heartfelt story about 2 close sisters on their journey understanding life and love- if you haven’t read this I highly recommend it- it is touching and witty and a nice read.

What do you do when you are having a bad day? 




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