How Family Gives You An Added Spark


More recently I’ve been visiting my grandparents. I try to call them once a week to do a check up and pop over for a visit at least once a month. Sometimes I am a bit too tired to venture out, but I end up enjoying my visits. I also regularly skype my sister and parents and try to see them when I can, as well. Just this past year I’ve noticed a change in my visits, maybe I’m maturing? Or,maybe I see the true value in each conversation and visit that I didn’t experience when I lived at home? let me explain.

I can be my true self- good and bad around family as anyone should be, but what’s also fun is to talk about goofy stuff, news, life adventures and goals that you may have otherwise overlooked growing up. You have a different conversation. Each time I talk to my family, or visit them, I come away with a different perspective on things, or even an added spark. Sometimes I feel relieved sometimes it makes me think even more. Whatever the case the times I do have with my family have evolved into something great.

When I go visit my parents or grandparents now we no longer talk solely about trivial things- we engage, we discuss news stories, we eat together and walk together. I’ve always ate with my family and enjoyed nightly walks- but now I enjoy these moments even more. Not to be all wishy- washy here, but it’s true- there comes a point where your mom and dad aren’t just your mom and dad that feed you, but they are your mom and dad that challenge you and you can enjoy being around. Of course like anything, (and I’m sure I am not the only one to say this), you get on each others nerves and a visit is short and sweet. You go back to your own home and appreciate your own space and life you created, but you appreciate family as well.

Give your parents and grandparents a call more often you will both appreciate it and you will come away from it feeling great.


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