Life is All About Marketing Decisions


Everyday we are surrounded by decisions. What to wear, where to drive, what work needs to be done, or what’s the best thing to say in a difficult situation. What’s the better option? I have thought about this a lot this weekend as I am looking to move out of my high rise apartment and back into a basement apartment to save more money. You always hear that phrase ‘life is about making decisions’, well what if it’s also about marketing decisions?

By now you have probably figured out that I like to analyze things. It’s my job and it’s also how I think in other areas of my life. On one of my walks today I thought how closely marketing is linked to our everyday life then we may realize. For example, in terms of cosmetics, what made you pick the clothes you are wearing? Why did you pick one car over another? Why do we tweak what we say to someone in fear of coming across as rude, or inconsiderate? Believe it or not, everyday we are consumed by the decisions that we make that make up who we are: our marketing story; our brand. Think about this:

Example: Your friend asks you a question on whether a condo or an apartment is a better decision. You know exactly what you would do and what would make more sense (the apartment-duh!) so you chose words to up sell the idea and sway your friend into choosing that option. It works for who they are, it feels homey, it establishes character, it’s more practical…all words you use to help your friend. This seems like a normal discussion, however, without realizing you are also using words to define a brand (your friend and her connection to the apartment)

Products aren’t the only things that have a brand image, we also make decisions that define ourselves and thus establish our brand.

In college, one of our professors would make this connection between yourself and your brand when we were learning about marketing and trying to understand how to write good copy. I’m not saying be someone who you aren’t or make a decision based on what others expect of you, but define who you are and market yourself and your decisions.

Don’t we do this in interviews? You wouldn’t walk into an interview and tell your potential new boss that you just broke up with your long-term boyfriend/girlfriend and just had a singles party on the weekend where you danced on top of the bar,now would you? No, because you want to show off your skills and what makes you a good candidate. Why should they chose you over anyone else? It doesn’t hurt to be proud of yourself, to show the world what you can do and what you are all about.

Life is about marketing decisions. Make a decision, establish your brand and market your strengths, ideas and what you want out of life to everyone:)


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