Long Weekend Checklist

Hi there fellow bloggers! I know it’s been awhile since I made my last post, but I’ve been quite busy. Having just gotten over a week long illness that required me to have IV antibiotics (intense I know- not exactly the best feeling, but also so glad it didn’t progress further). I am back to my normal self and am determined to stay on top of my health. That being said, as my health is in better shape and the long weekend is finally here I thought I’d take some time to provide you with my version of a Canada Day Long Weekend Checklist to keep in mind. Here we go!

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Would You Like a Banner Ad With That?


Being in marketing, I am constantly thinking about how to effectively get a message across to a particular audience. I go through the process of looking at client budget, goals and objectives, determining a USP (unique selling point) and make a plan that involves media, timing and words that make sense. However, what I always try to do is put myself in the mind of the consumer. I know it has been said before, but you truly have to do your research and put yourself in their shoes. Let me explain.  Continue reading