Reasons Why the Sun is Good For You


While I was on one of my many nature walks earlier today I took a look around and saw trees blowing in the breeze, families riding on their bikes and walking their dogs and water trickling by the lake beside me and like many of us I breathed a sigh of relief..yes Summer is finally here. But, then I thought, well why must we wait for summer, or nice weather for that matter, to go on a walk and enjoy our surroundings. Also, as long as you’re careful (wearing sunscreen, sunglasses, or hats, etc) the sun can be a great thing for our mind and body.

I recently looked up an article on 15 reasons why the sun is good for you and came across some interesting statements. Aside from boosting levels of serotonin (The body’s natural happy hormone) and improving our overall mood, the sun can actually do the following:

  • Boost Fertility-The sun reduces levels of melatonin (which suppresses fertility), so it is more likely that you will conceive in the summer. In women, it increases the length of fertility and boosts testosterone in men
  • Reduces risk of heart disease- Cholesterol levels rise in the winter due to the falling of our Vitamin D levels, with an increased exposure to the sun Vitamin D levels improve!
  • relieves aches and pains- The sun helps to warm the bodies muscles and relieve stiffness such as arthritis

Who would have thought, that such a natural element of nature can provide us with so much more?

Even though the sun can do great things for the body, too much of it or a lack of personal care can put you at risk of skin cancer. So, please be careful.

When was the last time you went out on a nature walk? Stepped away from the social world and enjoyed the real world .As long as you’re safe with the it, the sun and being outdoors can do you wonders! Enjoy:)


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