What I Learned This Week


To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to write about today, so I spent a bit of time thinking to myself what inspiring, funny, or creative piece of knowledge can I share with you? There are some unique marketing campaigns happening such as what Tourism Calgary promoted in Toronto last weekend to entice Torontonians to visit the city, or the ongoing Ontario Election Debate…but I wanted to try something a bit different…

Welcome to my week in review:

Sunday:The mid-point of everyones favourite long weekend. What did I do? I spent the day relaxing with my boyfriend watching TV and I did some Yoga.

lesson learned: At least once a week you should have time to just do nothing, whether that ‘nothing’ to you is reading, doing yoga, watching tv, etc- it’ll help you refuel for the week ahead of you and is alot of fun.

Monday: To celebrate the holiday and the warmest day of the long weekend I met up with my old roommate for lunch and a drink on one of Toronto’s outdoor patios.

lesson learned:Prepare yourself for the weather. I got home and I felt like a dog that just had a bath and all its energy is spent or a child ready to nap.

Tuesday: First day back at work after the long weekend.

lesson learned:Prepare yourself for the first day back at work after the long weekend. 

Wednesday: Learned some new things at work, but didn’t feel to well throughout the day, like my head was in a cloud.

lesson learned: When you don’t feel well, it’s okay to rest; come back to whatever you need to get done later, when you feel better, or the next day. 

Thursday: Worked on new tasks at work and got confused with it. Nothing a swim, and a beer can’t fix at the end of the day.

lesson learned: Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and ask for help- If you still don’t understand something step away from it and go back to it later. I feel like a mother or teacher here, but I find this to be true. Maybe have some chocolate too 🙂

Friday: Felt great getting things done at work and thinking of the weekend ahead of me: seeing my family, making Duck for the first time with my boyfriend and relaxing.

lesson learned:Be proud of yourself when you do a job well done and/or get through a task that you struggled with. Also, try to avoid being the last person to leave the office. It’s a Friday and if everyone’s gone and your eyes begin to water from looking at the screen; it’s time to go home. TGIF!

Saturday:Whatever you want to do day.

lesson(s) learned:When hand washing clothes, always make sure you lay towels down to not get water all over the floor, oh and get out and enjoy the beautiful weather while it’s here, whatever you have to do indoors can wait until later and don’t worry there’s always Sunday too:)

…and there you have it, long story short: even the seemingly boring days or weeks can enlighten you in someway and perhaps you truly learn something new everyday.


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