Eco Friendly Experience


As part of my ‘getting back into volunteering‘ attitude I decided to invest my time helping out with some community gardens in my area through Ecosource. This past Saturday, myself, along with a few other volunteers joined forces to make Mississauga a bit more green. 

The first community garden was at Hillside Garden, a cute area location in Clarkson that was established in 2009 and created with help from Walmart Evergreen Green Grants program. It was a beautiful day out and I was more than happy to help weed and lay down new soil for the garden to start its season once again.

The second garden was located about 15 minutes away- Parkway Green Generation Garden  this garden was cultivated in 2011 with the assistance of The City of Mississauga and the MIAG Centre for Diverse Women & Families. Ideas and support from all age groups is encouraged at this garden, you will also see a community orchard.

Each community garden (there are currently 4 in Mississauga) has several assigned plots that you can maintain throughout the season- weeding, watering and planting herbs and vegetables  that is donated to local food banks.

My thoughts?

1) First of all I think volunteering (and outside) is a great opportunity. Not only do you get to meet people you may never have met otherwise, but you are truely helping out where it counts and in your own community!

2) Healthy living and gardening tips– by volunteering in community gardens you are opening yourself up to learning and gaining tips that you can use in your own home

3) Helping others, helps you– All of that hard work- -sun burns, dirty hands and tired arms produces herbs and vegetables that will be eaten by people who don’t have this luxury

4) It’s fun! If you work in an office like myself you can appreciate being able to get outside and just garden!


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