So..I Bought a Car


Do you remember when I talked about empowerment and doing something that you have always wanted to do but have been too afraid to do or ‘didn’t have the time’? Well, never tell yourself this. Case in point, I thought I would never buy a car, I don’t need one, I’m too afraid, it’s too expensive, etc. All of these excuses I would make until I realized this…

Wouldn’t I rather save myself time where it would take me 15 minutes to get to where I need to go rather than waiting 15 minutes for the second bus? (Although alot of bus drivers are fairly nice and you do see some interesting people on transit, but anyways..). Or, why am I afraid? Like anything in life you have to take a chance and just do it or you’ll create these unlikely situations in your head and eventually not want to do it at all.

‘Cars are too expensive’, well okay, this one I played around with for quite some time. I compared the price of transit/cabs to the use of a car including gas, insurance, payments, parking, etc. So, after doing some research and planning (two things I tend to do often) I came to the conclusion that holy mango buying a brand new car is expensive! Also, constantly taking transit or cabs to get around town also adds up. So, I decided on a used car that is within my budget to avoid car payments,the cheapest parking spot, and find the best insurance rate possible. With the help from my loving parents,boyfriend and friends I got the support I needed to make this ‘what if’ or ‘if only’ a reality.

I got myself a cute car that I like to call my smartie (because it’s small and blue like a smartie 🙂 ) and I think it suits me perfectly. It’s another long standing goal of mine that is finally accomplished! Time and freedom are two things I will now get back having made this step- I just have to keep driving!

Let’s get back to my ongoing bucket list shall we…

Visit my sister in Calgary

sign up for volunteering

start a blog

get a tattoo

get a car

Look at this check list growing! You can do this too!

I know I have said do something that empowers you before, but really, I mean it. If you are motivated you will be likely to change something in yourself or life for the better and once you do you will reap the reward. Hey, maybe I’ll see you on the road one day:)

Safe travels and Happy Sunday.


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