My Love-Hate Relationship with Wedding Shows


I’ve been watching a lot of 4 Weddings this past week on Netflix and have become so fascinated with it. Picture 4 new brides invited to each others wedding where they eat, drink and critique the overall experience in order to win a dream honeymoon. (basically what little, otherwise unnoticed, things can we say we dislike just to have better odds of winning).

As I’m watching this show I instantly find myself rating the first brides dress, or wondering what she was thinking picking this venue or spending so much on tacky decorations. Then I think to myself, how cool is this you are on TV, you get to go to 3 other weddings for people you only just met and you have a chance of winning a honeymoon?! Here comes the pencil and paper as I write down every decoration, style of dress or venue I liked for my own random enjoyment.

Don’t get me wrong it’s reality TV working wonders on me, hence why I have a love-hate relationship for it. Does it change me as a person? Probably not. Does it provide me with good entertainment and a different perspective on weddings? Maybe.

I think anything you do, say or think in life can teach you something or provide you with an alternate perspective. In this case, a wedding show can teach me:

1. Everything involved on the wedding day (lots of food, drinks, tears, complaints, and random awkward family moments- but as long as the dress looks great and the decor is pretty you’re halfway there)

2. How to make your wedding the best experience for yourself and your guests (which either a) has to be really expensive and unique or b) lots of food options and nothing too dry, cold, hot, bland and if I don’t like chicken you best have an alternate. OUCH. talk about picky guests). 

3. How to be catty and critical to win a dream vacation (notice my slight sarcasm).

4. and lastly, to win over my attention before bed. Hey, a little reality TV goes a long way!


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