What Defines Motivation?


What defines motivation? Is it drive to succeed, appreciation that leads to change, or is it all subjective to an individual? Will you be more motivated to make one choice over the other based on what will make you the most satisfied today, tomorrow or in five years from now?

It’s a hard concept thanks to fear of change, intimidation and failure hanging over our heads. But if you haven’t established this concept you will never reap the reward of change and the paths it can lead you down, or the feeling you can get when you have accomplished a long standing goal. This entire idea peaks itself into several blog posts of mine; if you are motivated you are halfway there. You are half way to receiving, achieving or gaining anything your heart or mind desires.

Teach a dog a trick once and he will keep showing you he can do this trick again and again, but each time he may cut corners or not demonstrate his initial excitement. He has achieved a goal, but is bored and unmotivated until the next best trick is taught. I feel this is how motivation and change works in all of us, in a sense.

Learn a new trick and watch how motivated and empowered you feel. You have accepted change, you have risked failure and knocked intimidation on its feet.



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