Easter Fun




When I think of Easter I think of family,spring, chocolate, eggs and chocolate…did I mention chocolate? But, it also reminds me of something fun that you can do either with your family or friends and that’s egg decorating! Two companies (Egg Farmers of Canada and Crocs at the Toronto Zoo) have come up with a new concept that will change the way families think of Easter festivities.

Don’t drink coffee often, or you have an abundance of blueberries in the fridge? Why not use them to add some colour to your Easter Eggs! Egg Farmers of Canada and Andrea Ford ( a decor expert) have teamed up to think of creative (and natural) ways to tint your eggs this season such as with coffee or blueberries.  Some cool egg-related recipes such as mushroom strata can be found on their website for some healthy inspiration. (for more information visit: eggs.ca).

My thoughts: I think this is a great way to put a healthy and all natural twist on a classic tradition. Especially with all natural products and DIY’s becoming so popular, I think it’s a creative way to use items you may already have around the house. Also, with the egg recipe tie in, Egg Farmers of Canada are doing a great job to emphasize the importance and health benefits that eggs can provide by creating a strong wholesome image with their brand and the consumer.

Want to pass on the egg decorating and join in on a traditional Easter egg hunt? Well, get your family together and your baskets ready because this Friday April 18th The Toronto Zoo (working with the footwear company Crocs), is putting on an Easter Egg Hunt, with an educational twist! The company’s mascot will be rewarding children who can identify the different animals and the eggs that they lay. Children can earn a ‘Crocs Egg Hunt Passport’. Gift cards will also be rewarded to the family who captures the ‘golden gem’.

My thoughts: This is a great cross-promotion. Not only will families be encouraged to visit the Toronto Zoo, but they will be educated on the various animals that you can see by playing a fun game. Crocs is a great company to work alongside for this event, because with Spring coming families will be thinking of new foot gear. Great brand awareness and an awesome reward for a job well done. Not to mention the competition factor will be fun for the whole family.

read the article here: http://www.marketingmag.ca/news/marketer-news/new-easter-partnerships-hatching-this-week-107525

Happy Easter Everyone!



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