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Albion Falls

Albion Falls

I think it’s about time that I make sense of the title of this blog and tell you a bit about my journey with waterfalls..

No, I haven’t done much traveling, in fact I have not traveled outside of Canada to explore the many trails, waterfalls and wonderful sights and sounds. However, over the span of one summer I made a ‘waterfall mission’ in none other than Hamilton. Now you might be thinking…really? Well, yes. Did you know that Hamilton is considered the waterfall capital? I sure didn’t, even after living there for over a year!

So, on some random summer days I picked a waterfall that I wanted to go find, Packed by bag (including money, camera, water and my cell phone) and ventured out. The best part was the adventure and pretending like I’m uncovering a hidden gem that no one has discovered before. When I reached my destination I would feel proud, accomplished and absolutely mesmerized by what I saw; water cascading near trees and bushes not too far away from where I call home. Imagine that. You could be stuck in traffic, or driving down one of Hamilton’s many one- way streets and not have any idea of the beauty around you.

Seeing these waterfalls changed me in a sense. It allowed me to explore nature in a way I haven’t before, it gave me real time to myself and it was almost like a personal goal of mine to pick and find any waterfall I chose. Mind you, some of these waterfalls are very small, but some are quite large. One of my favourites, which is also very popular in the area, is Albion Falls. You can actually climb up it! My father came down to visit me for a day and so I took him to see some waterfalls, including Albion. I have a picture of him climbing up it, giving me the ‘thumbs up’. I have also visited Felkers falls, Chedoke falls, Borer’s falls, Darnley Cascade, Devils Punchbowl falls, Tews falls and Sherman Falls, and Tiffany falls (I believe I saw a few others but I can’t seem to think of their names). This isn’t even half of the waterfalls you can explore in Hamilton, let alone the rest of the world! It truely is a beautiful view.

Waterfalls will always be one of my weaknesses and my passions. I hope to one day see more and take cool selfies next to them. I also think exploring waterfalls, or even nature for that matter is alot of fun and can give you a different outlook on things.

What are your passions that caused you change or marked a great discovery in your life? I’d love to hear about them.



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