The Ever Changing World of Marketing


I’m really fascinated with the marketing industry so I recently started reading Can’t Buy Me Like: How Authentic Customer Connections Drive Superior Results By Bob Garfield and Doug Levy, which discuses the shift from companies simply advertising a product to building a relationship with the product and consumer (The Relationship Era). Not only is this book interesting and relevant, it’s pretty funny too (Notice how the title is both a play on of the saying can’t buy me love with the ever so popular ‘like’ button by Facebook..get it. HA).

It’s interesting to see just how much the digital and social world has taken marketing out of the hands of the company and into the consumers’. When you think about it, if you ‘like’ a brands’ facebook page you are sharing your connection, passion and interest in the brand with all of your followers. This in turn produces engagement. Engagement is what will drive more consumers to like and connect with your product and in turn increase sales. Just like any well established relationship, you have to show that you value the other person, that you like them and have some sort of connection with them before you go out and buy them gifts. I think the same is true in marketing; establishing a relationship with the brand will make you want to share this new found love with others and in return feel good about making purchases.

For example, in this book the authors mention the launch of the Coca-Cola Facebook page.Two brand advocates created a facebook page for their favourite brand; Coca Cola in 2008. In just over a month the page grew to over 700,000 fans. Fast forward a few year and this page now has over 45 million fans! Just think about that! Coca-Cola didn’t have to do a thing other than establishing a great relationship with millions of people and with the power of word of mouth through the social media/digital world this brand became a power house. The original creator of the fan page went on to say…’It’s not just a consumer product…it’s almost something that permeates your subconscious. It’s that simple indulgence that has touched almost everybody on earth.’ There we have it; the relationship era in full force.


We are in a world where ‘what’s in it for me?’, ‘why should I value your brand and what other things can it provide me and the community‘ (think of the dove campaign). 

Again, this leads me back to the purpose of my blog; change. It’s the little things that will inspire us and make us happy. What little thing does your brand do to inspire us and make us happy and will it change us or our community?

Well, that’s my little marketing tid-bit for the day. Let me know your thoughts and have a good day!


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