My Love-Hate Relationship with Wedding Shows


I’ve been watching a lot of 4 Weddings this past week on Netflix and have become so fascinated with it. Picture 4 new brides invited to each others wedding where they eat, drink and critique the overall experience in order to win a dream honeymoon. (basically what little, otherwise unnoticed, things can we say we dislike just to have better odds of winning).

As I’m watching this show I instantly find myself rating the first brides dress, or wondering what she was thinking picking this venue or spending so much on tacky decorations. Then I think to myself, how cool is this you are on TV, you get to go to 3 other weddings for people you only just met and you have a chance of winning a honeymoon?! Here comes the pencil and paper as I write down every decoration, style of dress or venue I liked for my own random enjoyment.

Don’t get me wrong it’s reality TV working wonders on me, hence why I have a love-hate relationship for it. Does it change me as a person? Probably not. Does it provide me with good entertainment and a different perspective on weddings? Maybe.

I think anything you do, say or think in life can teach you something or provide you with an alternate perspective. In this case, a wedding show can teach me: Continue reading


What Defines Motivation?


What defines motivation? Is it drive to succeed, appreciation that leads to change, or is it all subjective to an individual? Will you be more motivated to make one choice over the other based on what will make you the most satisfied today, tomorrow or in five years from now?

It’s a hard concept thanks to fear of change, intimidation and failure hanging over our heads. Continue reading

Easter Fun




When I think of Easter I think of family,spring, chocolate, eggs and chocolate…did I mention chocolate? But, it also reminds me of something fun that you can do either with your family or friends and that’s egg decorating! Two companies (Egg Farmers of Canada and Crocs at the Toronto Zoo) have come up with a new concept that will change the way families think of Easter festivities. Continue reading

The Ever Changing World of Marketing


I’m really fascinated with the marketing industry so I recently started reading Can’t Buy Me Like: How Authentic Customer Connections Drive Superior Results By Bob Garfield and Doug Levy, which discuses the shift from companies simply advertising a product to building a relationship with the product and consumer (The Relationship Era). Not only is this book interesting and relevant, it’s pretty funny too (Notice how the title is both a play on of the saying can’t buy me love with the ever so popular ‘like’ button by Facebook..get it. HA).

It’s interesting to see just how much the digital and social world has taken marketing out of the hands of the company and into the consumers’. Continue reading