Yoga Conference & Show 2014


Good morning and start to the week! In one of my previous blogs I had mentioned the yoga conference and show happening in Toronto the last weekend of March. Well, being a fan of yoga and festivities such as this, I attended the event on Saturday and I was quite happy with it!

As soon as you walk in you are greeted with like-minded individuals who, like myself, enjoy doing yoga. There were Thai massage experts on the floor, people on yoga mats and what seemed like hundreds of vendors selling yoga gear, organic food, essential oils/lotions and tea. It was interesting to see what type of products are meant to awaken you and contribute to a healthy lifestyle. A lot of the vendors were start up companies or stores selling their home made products from all across Canada. One company in particular was passing out free samples of a beverage called Blu Dot protein tea. Now, for events like this, you take anything that’s free or offered as a sample because it’s just the right thing to do. I am not a huge fan of cold/iced tea, but this I enjoyed! It tasted like refreshing juice, with less sugar and it contains protein so it’s actually really good for you ( check out this link for more information: ). Of course, it wouldn’t be a yoga conference without checking out some new mats and buying stuff, right? Although, I didn’t purchase a new mat ( it was on my list), I was able to learn about new products that I should  be aware of for a healthier lifestyle or to improve my yoga practice. Did you know there is a traveling yoga mat? Ya, it is made out of a material that is meant to be folded, carried around and laid on the floor for easy access for your yoga session.

I would highly recommend attending this event. I think next year I  will sign up for some of the workshops, the earlier you sign up the cheaper it will be and I can learn about the psychological aspects of yoga or how to properly meditate- how cool is that!




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