Do Something that Empowers You



As I mentioned in my first blog post, you are half way at achieving your goals and experiencing the benefits of change if you are motivated. The more motivated you are, the more empowered you become.

This very feeling I felt today when I finally got my second tattoo. Now, I’m not saying run out and get a tattoo the size of your arm, or get a lip piercing , but do something that you have always wanted to do, that you have had on a list somewhere, but haven’t been able to do because of time and/or money. You always here people saying ‘If I had more money I would do this…or if only I had the time to do (insert something cool but are too lazy to do).

I will admit I was one of those people mentioned above, but I think I have finally convinced myself that there is no better time or place then NOW, to do what I always wanted to do.  Now I won’t bore you with my bucket list, but let’s see what I have done so far…

visit Calgary to see my sister

start a blog

sign up for volunteering

get a new tattoo

CHECK and complete!

My tattoo was painful, but thank heavens I got it done. I walked out of that studio feeling empowered and happy. I am not one to spend money, so of course coupled with my sudden heroic no-one-can touch me attitude, I started adding it up in my head. However, this is life long, this is empowering !  As long as it is something that will make me happy and make me feel good, I will adjust my budget accordingly and save as I can.

So. Go on. Feel Empowered.



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