You Know You’re in Advertising When (Original)


For those of you who have read my second addition of my ‘You Know You’re In Advertising When.’ I wanted to share with you the original. This one is more focused to a school environment, but it’s a good idea to post both to show you the difference. So, for your reading pleasure…enjoy.

You Know you’re in Advertising When..

1) “ooh” is not just an expression, but stands for Out of Home.

2)   A gate-is not an opening in a fence – but relates to the measurement of lines for newspapers.

3)   If cell referencing and paste special excites you.

4)   You live in the mac lab- it is your second home; your friend.

5)   You tend to critique ads you see on television, outside, in magazines.

6)   You do anything in your power to give reasons why newspaper is a dying medium to avoid having to cost it.

7)   You find humour and joy in funny/inappropriate placements of out of home advertising.

8)   You don’t think the world ‘Guerilla’ is just the wrong spelling of the animal, but understand that it’s a form of advertising. 

9)   Creative vs. business? Is a very debatable topic.

10)  You know your teachers by their first names, maybe even what they like in their coffee (brownie points).

11)  The word networking is in your day-to- day vocabulary.

12)   Realizes the frustration with Clear Decision.

13) Sometimes, you’re just really frustrated with: any of the following: Photoshop, PMB runs, clear decision crashing, long hours in the mac lab.

14)  Coffee is your friend.

15)  Excel is your friend.

16)   You’ve mastered powerpoint- thanks to Janice.

17) When you see yourself analyzing the effects on sales during any of the following: store promotions (McDonalds free coffee) or competing brands i.e The grand opening of Starbuck’s effect on Tim Hortons in Mohawk.

18.)  Clear Decisions- enough said. Yes, this deserves two references on this list.


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