Change Someone’s Life: Change Your Own


Good evening fellow bloggers and readers! I hope you are enjoying the first weekend of Spring, although, it may be a while before we can walk outside in shorts and shoes.

Earlier last week, my boyfriend and I attended an information session for Habitat for Humanity. Now, if you know a bit about this organization and a bit about myself you are probably wondering how I would fit into something such as this.

If you aren’t sure what I am talking about. I will give you a short synopsis of Habitat for Humanity. This not- for- profit organization works with volunteers and dedicated workers to build affordable homes for low income families in areas in the states, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Canada, to name a few.

I, on the other hand, am not in the trades industry, nor would I consider myself to be a handy woman.  The closest thing I have to a tool box is a hammer and tape measure. So, I signed up on a whim and wanted to encourage myself to try.

I personally think volunteering is a great idea. I’m not talking volunteering just to prove to your school or employer that you are apart of the community, but to really do something that makes you feel good. Volunteering is a way to meet like minded people you wouldn’t have otherwise met and come together for a good cause. There’s so many who struggle to meet mortgage payments, or don’t have a decent household income to feed their family. Alot of these people can be found within our own neighborhood.

So Voila! New town homes will be built in the Brampton area this June, and I, along with other willing volunteers will be assisting in the build.

When I signed up, I was a bit intimidated/concerned to say the least, that:

1) I don’t have knowledge in construction, or even handling tools. What if I nail my shirt to a piece of wood and now I’m branded as Clark Griswold?

2) Where would I get the time to help out?

However, I think it’ll be something new to try. I’m organized so I should be able to balance my time and I can volunteer on Saturday’s. Also, as long as I can hold a piece of wood and drill in a nail without my hand shaking and things flying, I think I will be good. I will market my abilities on the first day of my job, I will help build walls, dry wall, install flooring, and if all else fails I can paint and landscape, or provide my team with random jokes and motivation.

If you want to find out more information about Habitat for Humanity- Brampton, or volunteer yourself visit the site:


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