You Know You’re in Advertising When…


I wrote my version of ‘You Know You’re in Advertising When” when I was finishing up my last year of college. Since I have been working in the industry, I wanted to put a spin on it and add a few different things.Advertising

You Know you’re in Advertising When:: 2.0

1) “ooh” is not just an expression, but stands for Out of Home.

2)   A gate– an opening in a fence- but relates to the measurement of lines for newspapers.

3)   If cell referencing and paste special excites you. Bonus: If you know and like to use pivot tables.

4)  You’ve become so accustomed to email communication between clients, sales, third party suppliers that you will send an email to a coworker to ask what’s for lunch.

5)   You tend to critique ads you see on television, outside, in magazines and will pass along the funniest, most unique and absurd use of marketing to your coworkers. Now you’re ‘in the know’

6)   You do anything in your power to give reasons why newspaper is a dying medium to avoid having to cost it, or recommend it to clients.

7)   You find humour and joy in funny/inappropriate placements of out of home advertising.

8)   You don’t think the world ‘Guerilla’ is just the wrong spelling of the animal, but understand that it’s a form of advertising.

9)   Creative vs. business? Is a very debatable topic.

10)  You don’t lie to sell a product or idea to a client. You put a positive spin on the words or results, or provide compelling stats to get the message across. 

11)  The word networking is in your day-to- day vocabulary.

12)   Swag. Everyone loves free stuff, but not as much as we do. We will find use for that broken cell phone holder, or will take tickets to a hockey game we wouldn’t have bought ourselves.

13) Everything is urgent and the client needs it now. Organizing yourself and your time, while meeting the needs of your client is key.

14)  15 minute coffee or tea breaks at the usual scheduled time is essential.

15)  Excel is your friend. If you can find a way to organize or present data for a client they will respect and adore you.

16)   When you watch the Superbowl, you truly like to watch the commercials not just because everyone else does, but because you know how much time, money and planning goes into a 30 or 60 second spot and are amazed, or dumbfounded, at the outcome.

17) When you see yourself analyzing the effects of sales during McDonald’s free coffee week on Tim Horton’s and will poll the office on which one tastes better. 

18.)  9 Times out of 10 when you explain your job to family or friends they think you are the creator of all ads on TV or billboards;you are the god/goddess of advertising. When in reality you could be a marketing analyst, copywriter, art director, administrator, consultant, or coordinator and love your job but can’t seem to explain it to others. 


2 thoughts on “You Know You’re in Advertising When…

  1. thanks! my first version was very school centric, so it was more about you know you’re in an advertising program when..but that’s a great idea to share it to show the comparison and see what’s changed, thanks for the idea.

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