you go to yoga?


yogaThere’s lots of fun things you can schedule into your life that motivates you for the week, or gives you something to look forward to. To some this can be catching up on the latest reality scandal (I am referring to the most recent reality TV fiasco  on this seasons The Bachelor with Juan Pablo, but’s okay), or to others this can be spending time with family and friends. However, what about something that will rejuvenate you and allow you to focus on the present moment? What about Yoga?

Yoga originated as a Hindu practice that uses a course of physical and mental disciplines and a series of posture and breathing exercises to achieve control of the body and mind, according to In the last few years in particular I have seen Yoga really pick up and become trendy. According to a recent Statistics Canada report,… ‘1.4 million Canadians practiced Yoga as of 2005,’.. ‘with about 669 studios opened in the GTA’ (Yoga’s Evolution,,March 2013). Anyone can try Yoga, new variations have become popular such as yogalates (combination of yoga with pilates), spynga (yoga and cycyling, I have never heard of this one but it sounds interesting), or even prenatal yoga.

I, on the other hand, got into Yoga at a fairly young age. I remember watching DVDs and Saturday morning series when I was 12 years old. In fact, one of my school speeches as a child was on Yoga. I explained its origin, the different poses and its benefits, I even did some demonstrations. At this time, Yoga hadn’t become popular let alone the trend that it has become today. I got into Yoga because I found it great that I could work out and stretch at the same time that I was learning to relax and use my breath to my advantage. It connected me to myself and allowed me to get away from the usual routine and ‘to do lists’ that often consume us. Above all else, it’s really fun!

Not too long ago I found my love for hot yoga. Essentially any type of yoga practiced in a heated room. What a great detox this had become! In addition to the flexibility, strength, lower blood pressure and increased concentration yoga can provide, it has been said that… ‘one 90 minute class can burn up to 1000 calories’ (8 Benefits of Hot Yoga, Yoganonymous, 2014).

So, how about it ? Feel like you can exchange a day at the gym for a yoga class?  Or PVR the latest reality TV disaster for some quality you time? Trust me your body and spirit will love you for it. Namaste.

If you are around the GTA area near the end of March check out the Yoga Convention held March 28-30th at the Toronto Convention Centre. Sign up for yoga classes and workshops, shop for a new mat and meet people that share your love for Yoga.

Check it out here:


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