Change in my Pocket


 when you are trying to motivate yourself, appreciate the fact that you are even thinking about making a change. and as you move forward allow yourself to be good enough- alice domar change-simon-wordle-24
I have so much on my mind that I want to write about or share with you, but I guess I should introduce myself a little bit to avoid an awkward first impression… I’m Jennifer, Jen, Jenny, Jen Jen..I’m short. I’m random. I love food and yoga and I am a passionate advertising and marketing professional. Over the last few months I have thought alot about my life and where I see myself, some say this is a quarter century crisis, if you will, to add some dramatic affect. Nonetheless, I have experienced even more exciting things in my life and noted the scary yet wonderful outcomes of change. I love quotes and I knew I wanted my first post to include some kind of heart warming quote to grasp the general idea of this blog. So many people are afraid of change afraid of the unknown. They are so unmotivated by the idea of moving a step forward in a direction that they weren’t meant to be on. Well what direction are we meant to be on? One guided for us by family and friends? One outlined for us in our ‘where we want to be in 5 years’? Well, I say power to you, but have you reached your full potential on this cut and dry path? Or are you unmotivated and afraid to steer into a new territory?  If you have motivation then you are half way there. That’s what lead me to start this blog; change. I want to share my random stories and lessons in hopes of inspiring someone or, at the very least, have something to read in the morning. So, that being said, grab a coffee or tea and enjoy:)


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