Yoga Conference & Show 2014


Good morning and start to the week! In one of my previous blogs I had mentioned the yoga conference and show happening in Toronto the last weekend of March. Well, being a fan of yoga and festivities such as this, I attended the event on Saturday and I was quite happy with it!

As soon as you walk in you are greeted with like-minded individuals who, like myself, enjoy doing yoga. There were Thai massage experts on the floor, people on yoga mats and what seemed like hundreds of vendors selling yoga gear, organic food, essential oils/lotions and tea. It was interesting to see what type of products are meant to awaken you and contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Continue reading


What if you Knew the Exact Moment You’ll Meet Your Soul mate?


The other night I was trying to find something funny and entertaining to watch on Netflix, as opposed to watching anything that was boring that can be found all over Netflix (note my sarcasm). I was in the mood for something stupid-funny, since I have been watching a lot of crime/drama shows.

My final pick was a movie called Timer, a 2009 science-fiction romantic comedy about a device that counts down the moment when you will meet your soul mate. BINGO. Continue reading

You Know You’re in Advertising When (Original)


For those of you who have read my second addition of my ‘You Know You’re In Advertising When.’ I wanted to share with you the original. This one is more focused to a school environment, but it’s a good idea to post both to show you the difference. So, for your reading pleasure…enjoy.

You Know you’re in Advertising When.. Continue reading

Change Someone’s Life: Change Your Own


Good evening fellow bloggers and readers! I hope you are enjoying the first weekend of Spring, although, it may be a while before we can walk outside in shorts and shoes.

Earlier last week, my boyfriend and I attended an information session for Habitat for Humanity. Now, if you know a bit about this organization and a bit about myself you are probably wondering how I would fit into something such as this. Continue reading

Yoga & Marketing: Making a Change


This morning I spent some time catching up on marketing news while drinking a cup of tea and I stumbled across an article on Lole’s White Tour event. Being a fan of Yoga and a marketing professional, I immediately wanted to read more.

Lole, an activewear brand based out of Montreal, paired up with some of the top museums around the world to demonstrate the true meaning of relationship marketing during the White Tour Event. This event brings together over 10,000 yoga lovers to museums in Barcelona, Montreal, New York, Toronto and Edmonton. Here, however,is where the typical brand messaging stops. Continue reading

You Know You’re in Advertising When…


I wrote my version of ‘You Know You’re in Advertising When” when I was finishing up my last year of college. Since I have been working in the industry, I wanted to put a spin on it and add a few different things.Advertising

You Know you’re in Advertising When:: 2.0

1) “ooh” is not just an expression, but stands for Out of Home.

2)   A gate– an opening in a fence- but relates to the measurement of lines for newspapers.

3)   If cell referencing and paste special excites you. Bonus: If you know and like to use pivot tables.

4)  You’ve become so accustomed to email communication between clients, sales, third party suppliers that you will send an email to a coworker to ask what’s for lunch. Continue reading